The Beginner’s Guide to Homestead Living Ebook

Hi friends! I want to share with you a little about the new Beginner’s Guide to Homestead Living Ebook.

I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in this project with several other amazing homesteading women. Together we developed an 82 page guide covering various homesteading topics and skills. This guide is designed to provide a crash course in beginner homesteading it has everything from how to purchase land to how to milk a cow and so, so much more.

A Sneak Peak:

Below is an index of all the valuable topics and skills the Beginner’s Guide To Homesteading Ebook has to offer. Whether you are dreaming of starting a homestead of your own one day or you are a master homesteader there is something in this Ebook for everyone!

The Contributors:

If you are not all ready following these amazing homesteading’re going to want to. Click on the links below to check them out.

Tara @shesrootedhome

Alexa @theduvalhomestead

Sylvie @smaderstrom

Mikayla @mikayla_beth

Krista @harvesthillfarms

Jennifer @theeverydayfarmhouse


Tiffany @goodsteading

Tiffany @downacowtrail

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