Angel Wing in Geese


Angel Wing occurs in ducks and geese when the joint of their wing gets twisted due to heavy flight feathers that grow faster than the wing structure. This causes the feathers to point outwards instead of laying flat against the body. While a bird with Angel Wing looks a little funky they will most likely be completely healthy otherwise. Angel Wing does affect the bird’s ability to fly which makes them more susceptible to predators which doesn’t much affect domesticated geese anyway since they typically can’t fly anyway.

Notice how her wings point away from her body.


Angel Wing is caused by ducklings or goslings not receiving proper nutrition as they grow. Angel Wing is usually caused by a lack of calcium, Vitamin E or an excess of protein or sugar. After two weeks of age, ducklings and goslings need feed no higher than 16% protein. If you notice the bird’s wing begin to turn outward you can usually correct it by switching the bird’s feed to alfalfa pellets. Another way to correct Angel Wing is to wrap the wings for a few days (unwrapping at night) to help the feathers and wing grow in the right direction.


I take full responsibility for Mayberry developing Angel Wing. We had never owned geese before and I obviously didn’t do enough research about their needs. I know now that we should have switched them from chick starter to pelletized grow feed starting at day 10 and we also should have been aware of the signs to look for in order to attempt to reverse Angel Wing. While I feel guilty, it is all apart of raising animals. I learn something new with each type of animal, each breed of animal and honestly every individual animal and I am thankful for it. I will know better next time and hopefully this blog post can prevent or reverse Angel Wing in someone else’s bird.Luckily, Our sweet Mayberry is happy, healthy and beautiful.


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